About Trisha Nikel


The primary mission of Trisha Nikel Talent Consulting is to guide talent in the entertainment industry and protect them from the pitfalls that can happen while learning the ropes of the industry. Anyone who is serious about a career in the entertainment industry can benefit from Trisha Nikel Talent Consulting. Utilizing the knowledge gained managing her children and the solid business connections with leading acting coaches and schools, head shot photographers, casting directors, marketing and stylist teams, as well as, agents and managers, Trisha Nikel Talent Consulting pivots you in the right direction. Most of all, you create your own journey through your dedication and love of your talent.

About The Company

Trisha Nikel Talent Consulting is not your typical Hollywood Industry Consultant. It’s an Artist Development family business that combines traditional processes for the Artist, with new, explosive branding, industry

networking and marketing techniques, combined with current experiences our team has learned while working in entertainment.

“The only way to teach is to have the experience for yourself and create your own reality of what your

”niche” is in the industry”

Our family team has a unique way of meeting the artist where they are individually, tapping into what they already have and developing their brand while equipping them with tools to work and soar in the ever-changing entertainment industry.