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You need a trusted industry professional who can guide you to needed resources

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Build your working resume that can get you in the door. 

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Be prepared to attract the Best Agent, Manager, and YES, the Work You Want!!

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Learn how to  build that perfect Social Media Platform, learn about Networking and Marketing.

The Mission Statement

Why I Began an Entertainment Business Consulting Agency You Ask?

I decided on a Consultant Agency for several reasons;

I attract people. I am straight forward and love to see people succeed. I love to inspire others. I attract decision makers and am a mediator for those who cannot get in the door to those who are “the door” (looking for talent). 

Talent Consulting Packages Available

With Trisha Nikel Talent Consulting, you will receive options to build your talent business in the industry you want to excel in. 

Branding YOUR Talent

Every talent business must have a brand. Let Trisha Nikel Talent consulting help you brand yourself right from the beginning.

Investing in YOUR Entertainment Career

Investing in your own business is essential. Don’t know how? Let Trisha Nikel Talent Consulting help you to obtain the financial freedom you deserve.

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